Welcome & Information Booklet

Welcome & Information Booklet (March 2023) (pdf, 722KB)


FOCCR Constitution (March 2021) (pdf, 200KB)
FOCCR Constitution (November 2021) (pdf, 94KB)

Code of Conduct

FOCCR Code of Conduct (pdf, 109KB)

Process for sale of FOCCR Major Assets

Process for sale of FOCCR Major Assets (pdf, 24KB)

Minutes of AGMs

AGM Minutes 2019 (pdf, 88KB)
AGM Minutes 2020 (pdf, 119KB)
AGM Minutes March 2021 (pdf, 286KB)
AGM Minutes November 2021 (pdf, 85KB)
AGM Minutes November 2022 (pdf, 112KB)


Accounts and Treasurer’s Report 2018 (pdf, 38KB)
Accounts and Treasurer’s Report 2019 (pdf, 40KB)
Accounts and Treasurer’s Report 2020 (pdf, 130KB)
Accounts and Treasurer’s Report 2021 (pdf, 91KB)
Accounts 2022 (pdf, 139KB)

Minutes of Committee Meetings


13th September 2023 (pdf, 47KB)
1st August 2023 (pdf, 40KB)
20th June 2023 (pdf, 44KB)
12th April 2023 (pdf, 59KB)
8th March 2023 (pdf, 66KB)
8th February 2023 (pdf, 44KB)
11th January 2023 (pdf, 39KB)


15th January 2022 (pdf, 47KB)
19th February 2022 (pdf, 33KB)
26th March 2022 (pdf, 79KB)
6th April 2022 (pdf, 38KB)
30th April 2022 (pdf, 48KB)
12th May 2022 (pdf, 29KB)
15th June 2022 (pdf, 59KB)
3rd August 2022 (pdf, 48KB)
31st August 2022 (pdf, 23KB)
26th October 2022 (pdf, 45KB)
17th November 2022 (pdf, 112KB)
21st December 2022 (pdf, 40KB)


January 2021 (on Zoom) (pdf, 354KB)
February 2021 (on Zoom) (pdf, 280KB)
March 2021 (on Zoom) (pdf, 311KB)
April 2021 (on Zoom) (pdf, 284KB)
May 2021 (on Zoom) (pdf, 262KB)
July 2021 (on Zoom) (pdf, 240KB)
Youth Return to Rowing 31.7.21.pdf (on Zoom) (pdf, 188KB)
August 2021 (on Zoom) (pdf, 43KB)
September 2021 (pdf, 138KB)
9th October 2021 (pdf, 35KB)
27th October 2021 (pdf, 60KB)
18th December 2021 (pdf, 48KB)