Welcome to our Club!

The Firth of Clyde Coastal Rowing Club is a self funded community based rowing club established in 2012. We are based in Largs and row our two self built St. Ayles skiffs, Saltire and Thistle, out of Largs Yacht Haven. We strongly adhere to the St. Ayles coastal rowing ethos of community spirit and inclusiveness.

As a club we have become well established and popular in the coastal rowing community both at home and abroad. We pride ourselves on being a very sociable club and attend numerous regattas and events throughout the year both near and far.

In addition to providing rowing facilities for all the members we are committed to managing, developing and promoting coastal rowing for all members of the club. In addition to regular social rowing sessions in and around the local coastline we attend regular regatta competitions for the club’s representative teams as we are keen to remain competitive in this growing sport.

Coastal rowing is great way to enjoy our beautiful coastline, make new friends and keep fit. Whether you are interested in social rowing or racing, boat maintenance or just helping a great community based club, we welcome all new members.

Why not come along, meet our members, give it a try and join the coastal rowing community!



Youth Rowing

Great physical and social benefits

Rowing has provided huge benefits for my daughter, with the ability to get out on the open water with like-minded people. It has provided both great physical and social benefits and is currently an excellent release from the pressures of studying. The wider social aspect has been of a benefit to not only herself but her family being able to get involved in events like regattas to social evenings. It is absolutely marvellous!!


Teaches invaluable life skills

The social aspect of rowing and being a part of a team teaches invaluable life skills and is a great way of keeping fit for my son, especially with the temptation to spend too much time in the rooms or on screens!


Affordable, safe and supportive

Rowing gives my son access to water sports in Largs which is affordable, safe and supportive. Very often water sports are seen as an expensive and unattainable activity for families as it requires expensive equipment and lessons. Skiff rowing allowed my son to feel included and connected in his community when we first moved here 5 yrs ago. He gained confidence in his social skills and had the opportunity to engage with young people and adults from a range of back grounds and abilities. It has hugely benefited his wellbeing both physically and emotionally throughout his adolescent years. As a single parent I am very grateful for the opportunity the club has afforded him.


So friendly and encouraging

My son has loved his time with the Foccrs. Everyone is so friendly and encouraging. Such a great way to keep fit. He comes back from training full of energy and enthusiasm and the occasional videos of local wildlife!


It’s fun

I joined rowing under a year ago and have enjoyed being part of the Foccrs team. It’s fun, social and keeps me fit.


A very real sense of accomplishment

Volunteering with the youth rowers in our club provides a very real sense of accomplishment. I’ve learned valuable skills on interaction with young people and collaboration with them. I love teaching them new skills and being amazed at how quickly they adapt to them. From a social point of view, it’s great to hear their opinions and discussions on issues that matter to us all but from a much younger and often wiser point of view. It also provides them with an opportunity to increase their fitness levels and without doubt is great for their mental health, as it is always intense training but fun. For myself I get a great sense of pride from it watching them work as a team and putting all their effort into it.


I enjoy seeing the youths take a respectful and disciplined role

Our youth group has grown from members’ children to friends of theirs and their peers at school who wanted to try rowing and through maintaining a profile within the local communities. As one of the club coxes, I enable the youths to get on the water as often as they are available and want to row, to keep them engaged in rowing and club activities. It’s great to see they have an opportunity to safely engage in positive, healthy responsible team activities; encouraging them to be part of an unique and growing coastal rowing community. At the heart of this community is the encouragement of competition through racing. Training for competition is essential and structured and hopefully for most of the youths results in winning. We also focus on the benefits they get in keeping fit, going to and meeting other clubs at regattas, making new pals and having fun. I enjoy seeing the youths take a respectful and disciplined role in equipment, techniques, commands, procedures to ensure safe rowing while being able to have fun with enjoyable banter with their teammates and other club members.


The increase in self esteem of these young people was amazing

After the success our very dedicated Youth skiff rowing team achieved at the 2019 St Ayles Skiff World championships at Stranraer, I was pleased to support our Firth of Clyde Coastal Rowing youth team coaching on a voluntary basis, and help with their preparation for the forthcoming World championships in Holland in June this year. I was privileged to cox our Mixed Under 19s at in 2019 when they achieved the Bronze medal against stiff international competition. The increase in self esteem of these young people was amazing. Their increased self confidence throughout the training has been recognized by parents and supporters alike. Their improvement in physical fitness and general wellbeing is something which shows through at their weekly training sessions. With the aid of PB grant aid we have commissioned the manufacture of new lighter weight and balance oars which will stand the Youth team in good competitive stead for the forthcoming World Championships.